H²Flow™ ventilation system

H²Flow™ allows you to control your body’s temperature. The technology optimizes insulation, using air pockets or holes that store warmth from the body and, at the same time, allows you to control heat and airflow through ventilation zippers, enabling the cold air to enter and the warm air to exit.

Air pocket

Negative or positive air space is created by adding or subtracting fabric on the inside of the garment to allow this extra air space to be filled with air heated up by the body. In both cases, the purpose to create pockets of air in strategic areas of the body, trapped in these channels or spaces. The air contained in these pockets heats up from the body heat of the wearer, and keeps you warm.

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Ventilation zippers let cold air in if you get too warm
Air pockets or holes store warmth from your body, so all H²FLOW™ jackets have a high warmth to weight ratio.

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“Helly Hansen jackets with the H²Flow™ technology cools you down 20% faster than competitor jackets without the technology, measured on the same weight and insulation.”

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