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Stay Warm Technology

Launched in the early 1970s, Lifa® is based on a yarn technology that has been tested and developed over the years. The key functions of Lifa® deliver both moisture management and insulation, moving moisture away from the skin, while transporting perspiration to the surface of the fabric, where it evaporates. In 2006 Lifa® was combined with non mulsed Merino wool to create the best performing base layer to date.

Lifa® is a hydrophobic fiber that prohibits the absorption of liquid. The Lifa® fibers are used on the first membrane layer of base layer garments, the layer nearest to the skin. When the first yarn layer is combined with an additional layer with hydrophilic (moisture absorbing)properties, the sweat from the body is moved away from the skin and transported to the second layer, where it is absorbed. This enables the consumer to stay warm, dry and comfortable.

LIFA® work process


LIFA® stay dry technology moves sweat away from your skin, keeping you warmer for longer.


LIFA® is an ultra-light weight base layer fabric that works perfectly in the autumn and winter. HH DRY® delivers light insulation and moisture management through its 100% single layer Lifa® fibers.

The Lifa® technology works best when layered under another garment, as the more garments you wear, the further the sweat and moisture will be transported out of the fabric and away from your skin.

HH Warm®

HH WARM® is a unique 2-in1 base layer that combines light-weight Lifa® fibers next to skin and an extremely soft Merino Wool exterior. The Lifa® fabric moves moisture away from skin while the merino wool exterior is excellent at insulating and maintaining warmth. This is our warmest baselayer and is recommended for any type of outdoor activities in the winter.

Lifa® Active

Lifa Active is our best moisture management base layer that is great for light insulation all year round. Made from a light-weight, two layer fabric that is excellent in moving moisture away from the skin; it enables the user to feel warm and comfortable. LIFA® ACTIVE can be worn as a single layer or can be layered under another garment.

HH Wool

Helly Hansen launched pure merino wool base layers a few years ago, delivering great all-day warmth and comfort for cold autumn and winter days.